Welcome to Champlain Tent, Trailer and RV Park

Champlain Tent Trailer and RV Park is located in North Bay, adjacent to the historical Champlain Municipal park, where the Lavase River meets Lake Nipissing.
Samuel de Champlain first stood at this panoramic location in 1615. Many Canadian explorers caught their first glimpse of Lake Nipissing as they paddled westward on a journey from Montreal to the Great lakes by way of the Ottawa, Mattawa and French Rivers.

We invite you to discover the natural beauty of Lake Nipissing and enjoy all that North Bay and surrounding areas have to offer based out of our quiet, full-service tent, RV and trailer park.

1202 Premier Road
North Bay, Ontario, Canada.
P1A 2J4

Tel: 705.474.4669

Email: info@champlaintrailerpark.com